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Brain imaging has made great strides in understanding the mechanisms of normal human brain function, and the changes associated with brain and mental illness.  However, this work has been mostly observational, obtaining correlations that cannot be used to prove causation, with limited direct benefits for patients.  

Brain stimulation has shown early promise for improving human behavior and reducing symptoms of brain and mental illness, and also for testing hypotheses derived from brain imaging data. However, it is still mostly empirical, with little understanding of its underlying mechanisms, or of methods to optimize its effects.  

The combination of brain imaging and stimulation could lead to many advances in both fields, providing a better understanding of human brain organization, optimization of neuroenhancement in healthy people, an improved understanding of the mechanisms of neurostimulation, and improved treatments for brain and mental illness.

NOTE: BrainSTIM will take place at the Queens Conference Center, NOT the Hawaii Convention Center where OHBM will take place the week after.

Queens Medical Center

1301 Punchbowl Street
Honolulu, HI 96813

Fri, June 12 - Sat, June 13

    8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Breakfast and lunch will be provided





Brain Stimulation and Imaging Meeting

Please join us in Honolulu, Hawaii,  June 12-13 2015, before the Organization for Human Brain Mapping meeting

The Conference



The Venue

The Venue


BrainSTIM 2015 will be one of the first ever meetings focused on the combination of brain imaging and stimulation.  The meeting will have keynote lectures by leaders in the fields of imaging and stimulation, talks selected from submitted abstracts, educational sessions on integrated brain stimulation and imaging, poster sessions and other opportunities to network.  The meeting is designed to inform and educate all who are interested in these topics, from novices to experts.  

The combination of brain stimulation and imaging may lead to better tests of causal hypotheses of brain function, a better understanding of the neural mechanisms of cognition and of brain stimulation, new methods to optimize brain stimulation and many other benefits.

BrainSTIM 2015 is organized jointly by Prof. Vincent Clark at the University of New Mexico and by Dr. Linda Chang at the University of Hawaii and Queens Medical Center. We are excited to have you join us.  Aloha!